1:15 fishing trip

What a great afternoon on the water,fishing was exceptionaly well today,with mackerel and herring,the cod fishing was a little slow today due too the strong westerly tides.Are crew was quite pleased with the fishing and were wearing smiles while leaving the boat.

1:15 sailing

Hello again,The Lexi.D just got in with another great catch,Right from cod to herring.even tho there was the odd shower during the outing all fisherman left with a bag of fish and smiles on there faces.

Morning on the water

everyone too the back Well folks it was another beautiful morning on the water,fish were biting not too bad and a few whales were spotted aswel.The crew was quite pleased with the fishing trip and were also happy to take fish home.

great afternoon

eighty pound halibut What a great afternoon on the water,what really made it exciting for the crew was a trophy halibut landed,although it had to be released the crew was very much excited to see such an amazing fish.

Great Morning

What a beautiful morning on the water,the sun peaked threw the clouds,and with mackerel,herring and of course cod fish,The crew was off to enjoy the true taste of prince edward island with a assortment of fish to fry.