Beautiful Boats

Hello all,

We have had a very busy weekend in North Rustico and are looking forward to more of the same as we go full steam ahead for the remainder of August. Catching cod and mackerel is easy work with such a great captain and crew.

As it was so busy over the weekend we didn’t get a chance to take pictures of our visitors fishing. We spent our time helping to unload the catch, cleaning the fish, and keeping you entertained on the sail. We were fortunate to have one of our friends send in some pictures of our two boats, the Lexi D and Papa’s Gem.

Papa’s Gem heading into the North Rustico harbour.

Giving a wave, from the Lexi D.

Kayaks from Outside Expeditions, Papa’s Gem in the distance.

Lexi D. sailing in with Cod and Mackerel, and fishers.

If you haven’t yet sailed with us on either the Lexi D or the Papa’s Gem, you really should. Both are government-approved vessels, equipped with life jackets and rods for up to twenty people. There is a washroom aboard each boat, and lots of room for sitting and fishing. The captains and first mates keep their boat incredibly clean, and as I type this I can see them behind the building giving everything a wash after their morning trip.

We look forward to sharing the fishing experience with you on our boats. Call us for information and reservations, toll-free at 1-866-510-3474.

Happy fishing!