From Sea to Stove

Many visitors ask, “What is the best way to cook the fish I’ve caught?”

Once you get to shore, the first mate and captain will have already cleaned and fileted the cod and mackerel, and it is up to you to do the cooking. There are many ways to prepare the fish and although you can freeze them, both are best when eaten fresh.

Chef Michael Smith (Fortune, PEI) has an excellent recipe for pan-fried fish: Pan-frying is a great way to cook fresh fish while retaining the taste.

If you don’t want to get too fancy, you can simply pan-fry your mackerel (skin down) with just lemon juice squirted over the top. This method also works great with the fish straight on the BBQ grill.

For cod, the best way to cook them is to make a packet out of tinfoil and cook the cod with butter, onions, and your choice of spices on the BBQ or in the oven.

Our friend Daniel sent us pictures of of his fresh-cooked Mackerel meal.

If you don’t have time to come fishing with us you can also pick up fresh fish next door, at Doiron’s Fish Market. They can be reached at (902) 963-2442.

Enjoy your weekend and happy fishing!