whale of a time!!

Good morning guys!!,It’s Jordan with another update from Aiden’s Deep Sea fishing.Papa’s Gem and the Lexi.D just informed me that they had some more great pictures from our last  couple trips,we got some great shots of a large whale,and along with some other fishing related pictures.

Great trip

hey guys its me again,what a perfect trip we just had,mackerel were biting great and there was lots of whales around,most offten we see pilot whales but today we were in for a treat,there was a very large humpback whale swimming around and putting on a show.The crew was very excited and absolutly loved the[…]

1:15 sailing

  Jordan here from aiden’s deep sea fishing with another update,lots of whales around today aswell as some mackerel and herring,it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon on the water,we did have a little bit of rain on our trip,but with an excited crew they were more then happy to brave the rain and[…]

morning sailing

Good morning f olks,My 2 boats the Lexi.D and the Paps’s gem just got in with another great catch.The mackerel were biting quite well,all of my crew that were on the boat said that they enjoyed themself,and most have never seen fishing this good.


What a trip!!,Mackerel were biting steady all trip and there was a huge bonus of many whales around,the crew was delighted to see the piolt whales interacting with each other and getting close to the boats,all of the fisherman that were aboard the boat were very happy and all took fish with them when they[…]

8:00 trip

What a beauty of a morning on the water,mackerel were running not to bad and all our fishermen were able to catch a few fish and bring some home for a taste,they were very pleased on how well the fishing trip went and all had smiles on there faces.

perfect morning

Hey its Jordan from Aiden’s Deep Sea Fishing with another update,It’s Another beautiful day out here in North Rustico and just talking with my captain and the fish are biting quite well,What a great way to spend 3 hours of your day as we sail around the warfs and out to sea for another great[…]

1:15 sailing

well guys its was another great day on the water,another day of the mackerel biting great with all the crew fishing,Our rain held off and we were even lucky enough too see a piolt whale.The crew had a great trip and are now returning home with a days catch.