G’day everyone!

Here are a few more photos from our fishing trip these photos range from Aug 16th to Aug 19th. Enjoy! 5 fisherman in training! “The fish don’t know its raining! So many fish caught! Caught one! Great catch! A rock eel, unfortunatly you can’t keep these but they are interesting when they are caught. Dad![…]

Hello everyone!

Another update and more photo’s of some of our recent fishing trips, enjoy! Very nice catch! They might not be mackerel or cod but these girls were very proud of their catches! These two boys are checkin’ out there catches! Great catch, what a nice fish! Oooo… look sis, i caught one! To kiss the[…]


Here are some more pictures of one of our trips.  Lots of Mackerel and quite a few more Cod! It was a Beautiful day out on the water. Look mom! I caught one! A great shot of the rods, look a little farther into the water and you’ll see a whale! A great Cod! His[…]

Hey everyone! Here’s to another great trip out on the water! We are catching lots now, mackerel and Cod. We even got to see some whales! Check out our pictures and enjoy!!!

Smiles for a great catch! A beautiful sunset over the water. Great fish, Awesome trip out! Even on a rainy day, everyone is happy just be out fishin’ ! A great catch and a great day on the water. Wow, what a huge fish. Concentrating, but having a blast! A quick glimpse on a whale![…]