Summer wrap-up

Hello all, Fall is definitely in the air this week, but we are happy to hold on to summer for another couple of weeks. Beginning after Labour Day we will be taking just two trips out daily, at 8:00 am and 1:15 pm. If you were hoping for a sunset trip this year you should[…]

Just one month left for Cod!

August is half over and that means there is just one month left of deep-sea fishing for cod here on PEI. The summer has flown by but we hope the sunshine and warm weather last for a few more weeks. We expect to have a good shoulder season this year as the cod fishery is[…]

Dog days of summer

Hello all, We hear from many of our visitors how incredibly hot it’s been in central Canada, but for us, just this 30+ degree heat is insane. We Islanders are used to a nice breeze coming off the water to keep our temperatures down, and we aren’t sure what to do with ourselves now that[…]

Beautiful Boats

Hello all, We have had a very busy weekend in North Rustico and are looking forward to more of the same as we go full steam ahead for the remainder of August. Catching cod and mackerel is easy work with such a great captain and crew. As it was so busy over the weekend we[…]

Kissin’ Cod, July 26, 2012

Kissing cod fish is supposed to bring good luck.. A few of our fishers gave it a try yesterday, we will have to wait to hear back if they won any lotteries after. We had a great day, hopefully there will be many more with similar weather and wonderful people fishing. Enjoy the weekend. -Alana